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07/05/2019, 08:01



1. Wine 
Exports of Spanish wine to the United Kingdom represents more than 300 million Euros each year. Spanish wine is a trend in the country due to its high quality and affordable price, in supermarkets the average price of a bottle of wine is 9 pounds. With regard to wine types, red wine, specifically Rioja D.O., is the absolute leader, although in recent years it has become increasingly common to find Spanish white and rosé wines on supermarkets shelves and in the menus of the finest restaurants   

2. Olive oil 
Our most valued and internationally recognised product. Spain is the first exporter of olive oil to United Kingdom, our "liquid gold" is sold with an average price of 4 pounds per each bottle of 500 ml in British supermarkets, and the price can reach more tan 30 pounds per bottle in Gourmet stores. By region, Andalusia leads the ranking followed by Extremadura and Castilla la Mancha. 

3. Meat products, charcuterie 
Despite popular belief, the most exported product to the United Kingdom is not Iberico ham, chorizo is the flagship product in English supermarkets, followed by Iberico ham and salami. The average price is 3 pounds for a 100 grams pack, reaching even 9 pounds in specialized stores. Famous chefs like Jamie Olivier, Nigella Lawson and Hugh Feunly have introduced our products in their regular menus, and as a result Horeca sales have experienced  an increase in the last years. 

4. Preserves 
Spain is among the to 5 exporters of preserves worlwide. Tuna, mussels, anchovies or mackerel are some of the most successful canned products internationally. Tuna is the flagship product  according to "Anfaco".British consumers value the quality of Spanish preserves, because it is an artisanal nature, and it has an exquisite taste. By region, Galicia is the first exporter in Spain followed by Cantabria, the Basque Country and Andalusia.
5. Spices
The boom in fine dining in the UK and especially in London, has made spice exports grow non-stop in the last years. Our spices are used in the finest restaurants in London, due to its quality and exotic flavours. The most imported spices in the UK are paprika, saffron, cumin and cloves. In addition to restaurants and the Horeca channel, spices are also found in supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda, and gourmet stores, reaching prices of 18 pounds for 2 grams of spanish saffron.   

6. Alcoholic beverages 
Spanish alcoholic beverages hold a strong position in the Uk market,, nowadays Whiskey, Gin, Rum, and Brandy are the most exported products. Like fine wines, the prices of spirits exported from Spain to England are quite high, and the main channel of distribution is Horeca. Recently, likewise exports of spanish beers especially premium and crafts beers are on the rise. With regard to regions, Andalusia, Castilla la Mancha, Catalonia and Galicia are the top spanish exporters.   

7. Cheese 
Spanish cheese is considered a gourmet product in England, and the UK is the second destination market for the exports of cheese from Spain. We can find a big selection of spanish cheeses in supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury and Waitrose, the average prices is 3.50 per a 200 gr pack. Also spanish cheese is used in many restaurants, such as Ibérica, Brindisa, Jamie Oliver, Jose Pizarro. 

8. Sweets 
Spanish sweets have found their place in the UK market. The biggest percentage of sweets´s exports are represented by traditional and artisanal products, such as turron, marzipan, Santiago cakes, olive oil cakes and cookies. However, we can not forget in this list, the flagship product, churros. Finally, you can find all this kind of products in supermarkets and gourmet shops, as well as in chains as CDG, and others that have included  them in their usual dessert menu, thus encouraging sweets sales in the Horeca channel. 

9. Snacks 
Despite being a relatively new market, Spanish snacks are increasingly being consumed by brits. The most exported products are, crisps, nuts, and dried fruit. It´s important to remark that in the last few years exports of dehydrated fruits and chips made from fruits and vegetables are experiencing a positive trend, given the general interest of the public in healthy food. These products are distributed mostly by retailers, however companies such as Pret a Manger, Eats or Itsu are introducing these snacks in their shops. 

10. Sauces and condiments 
This market has registered  significant growth in the last years. The most exported sauces and condiments to the United Kingdom by volume are, vinegar, mayonnaise, ketchup, cold sauces, pasta sauces, mustard and salad sauces. With regard to the distribution channels, most of our exports are directed to retail, however some products, like vinegar, can be found in gourmet stores and many restaurants.  


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