REFIX, the "miracle" drink based on sea water

Refix 1.jpg

Ibérica Expo had the pleasure to interview Raúl Anta, co-founder of REFIX Yourself, a recovery drink based on seawater.

What makes your product unique?

REFIX is a refreshing innovation in recovery drinks, made with seawater taken from the Atlantic Ocean on the Costa da Morte, Galicia, Spain. Seawater and lemon are the main components of REFIX, a natural, healthy and sustainable drink that provides a series of benefits that make it one of the healthiest drinks in the market. What makes REFIX unique is the fact that it’s a drink with no sugar, preservatives nor colorants. It contains all necessary elements for the recuperation of the human body and quickly helps to restore the alkalinity of the body’s cells.

Do you already have a presence in the market where you will exhibit with Ibérica Expo?

We don´t have a presence in the UK market yet, however, we do have experience elsewhere. The first country we exported to was the USA where REFIX is having an incredible acceptance. In our first year, we exported more than 43.000 bottles to the USA. Now we are targeting Europe where we are negotiating agreements with some distributors and buyers in countries such as Germany and Hungary. 

What is your positioning within the market?

Refix is positioned in the market as a unique recovery drink with clear differences in comparison with our competitors. This is due to the USPs of the drink and the innovative production process, but also to its artisanal and ecological attributes from production throughout the packaging process. At REFIX we are conscious of the need for protecting the environment, thus we decided to pack our drink in glass bottles instead of plastic.Refix is therefore positioned as a premium drink within the market with a price point slightly higher than the average price of other mass-produced recovery drinks.
What are your distribution channels, Horeca or Retail? We mainly distribute trough retail channels as Refix is sold in supermarkets and gourmet shops. As an example, you can now find our product in chains such as "El Corte Inglés" in Spain, or online platforms like Amazon.

What are the growth strategies for your company? What should Spanish companies do to export better?

Marketing and communication are key in our segment really, it supposes 50% of our overall investment. We are very active in PR and Media overall and we very much work with influencers. In addition, we participate in international fairs to engage distributors as well as retailers. As a piece of advice for all Spanish companies interested in exporting, I can say that, apart from the products and its qualities, marketing and communication are vital to our success.
REFIX are joining us at Ibérica Expo in London this coming November 2019 to connect with distributors and retailers of the UK, a market where they foresee huge growth opportunities. If you wish to export to the UK please do send us an enquiry and we will reach out to discuss