Ibéricos Montellano: a commitment to quality products and traditional processes


Ibéricos Montellano is a family business with more than 30 years’ experience, the third generation of producers based in Guijuelo. After being recognized in London with the Great Taste award, they have placed their focus on international expansion.

What is your motto? What makes you stand out? 

Ibéricos Montellano is committed to the highest quality standards of production

We know that to make a great product we need to guarantee the best raw materials and control the artisanal process from start to end. We respect the slow growth of the pigs, we control their diet, and the hams are kept in piles, drying naturally.

What’s your presence like in Spain?

As of today our strongest presence in Spain can be found in Madrid and Barcelona. We focus on gourmet stores and gourmet spaces, and we work with El Corte Inglés nationwide.

Our turnover is just over 5 million euros.

What new features have you incorporated into your strategy?

Our strategy is to stay true to quality and traditional processes, innovating in both retail and HORECA formats.

In terms of innovation, we have just added a 100% organic line which comes with no additives at all

Regarding exports, how is your international projection? In which countries can we find you? 

We have been exporting for 25 years. We started with Germany and two and a half years ago we have landed in France, Portugal, Czech Republic, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Macao. We work to adapt ourselves to demand and competition in different markets. 

In your opinion what’s the key to succeed in the international markets?

You need to be very clear about your own identity, reflect on you are as a company and where you want to be in terms of market positioning. From there, draft a development plan and have an experienced team deliver it. 

How do you see the future? 

We are consolidating our exports, paving the way towards new markets. At the same time, we’d like to increase our brand recognition in line with the core values of our products and the ones of our company.